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Online PMP® Certification Program - 7 Day / 35 Hour (English)

This program is designed for participants who would like to have a PMP® Certificate but who cannot spend a long time for project management trainings, which is one of the necessary prerequisites for taking the exam. PMP® Certification Program - 5 Days fulfills the mandatory 35-hour training requirement for the PMP® Certificate and helps to complete the exam preparation in a short time.

 Within the training program; All knowledge areas and processes related to PMI® methodology in project management and their integration into each other will be elaborated. Afterwards, sample question types for exam preparation will be examined, tips related to the exam will be shared and a work plan will be prepared for the participants. During this training, participants will have the opportunity to view and discuss sample types of questions about all areas of knowledge that constitute the project management methodology. Then, the solution will be completed by continuing the solution of the question.

**This course will be carried out online through the "Zoom" application.


Course Duration:

35 Hours / 7 Days (13:00 - 18:00)


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17 Ağustos - 23 Ağustos 2020