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Bilişim Teknolojilerinde Proje Yönetimi

Project Management in Information Technologies

3 days

In this training, which we have announced under the name of Project Management training at IT, we aim to provide the project managers responsible for IT with a method that they can apply primarily together with their team members. Within the framework of this method, information about determining the goals and scope of IT projects, providing corporate identity to project management applications (Project Offices), resource, time, risk, change management will be presented to the participants in an integrated method.


In addition to methodological information, information on human relations that will be october to a project manager will also be considered in detail. In this framework, topics such as communication, conflict, stress, motivation, leadership will also be explained with practical examples.

Proje Yönetiminin Çevik (Agile) Yaklaşım Odaklı Güncellenmesi

Updating Project Management with an Agile Approach

2 days

Nowadays, in order to manage many projects efficiently, it is necessary to use one of the agile approaches in whole or in part. The aim of this course is to transfer agile approaches to people with traditional project management knowledge by comparing them with their current knowledge.

Yöneticiler İçin Proje Yönetimi Süreci

The Process of Project Management for Managers

2 days

The main purpose of this training is for the people working as "Managers" in the institution to understand all the standard project processes and to learn their roles and responsibilities in these processes and to see the approach they should take towards the project management teams.

Microsoft Project Server - Altyapısı ve Kurulum

Microsoft Project Server - Infrastructure and Installation

2 days

Successful enterprise project management requires very good management of the Project Server system. Project Server is a complex system that works in integration with other systems. It is vital that all elements of this system are configured and managed correctly.


In the training that starts with the foundation of Project Server, tips are also given about auxiliary systems other than Project Server, such as SQL Server, Internet Information server, and Sharepoint Portal.

Microsoft Project Server - Sistem Yönetimi

Microsoft Project Server - System Administration

2 days

Successful enterprise project management requires very good management of the Project Server system. In this tutorial, the people who will manage the Project Server system will be given the technical information they will need to plan, install and manage the system. In addition, this information is reinforced by applications made.

Proje Takım Üyeleri için Microsoft Project Server

Microsoft Project Server for Project Team Members

2 days

A good communication infrastructure is the most important factor that brings projects to success. Project Managers will be able to intervene in the project process to the extent that the progress of their project plans can be followed up with updates as often as they can. The frequency of updates is possible by allowing project members to instantly forward the completed works to their Project Managers.

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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