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Agile Intensive Project Management Certificate Program - 60 Hours

60 Hours (10 Days)

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Agile Intensive Project Management Certificate Program, the first stage is a 25-hour "Project Management Basics", the second stage is a 35-hour "PMP ® Exam Preparation Program" for a total of 60 hours of comprehensive training.

CCRS Code 2: PMS0010135

The first 25 hours are prepared for project managers and prospective managers. With this training, participants master the basic and advanced techniques of project management methodology based on agile (agile) project management approaches, interactive participation with application examples and case studies.

CCRS Code 1: CPA1010625

The purpose of the second 35 hours is to prepare participants for the exam. The information learned by the participants will be evaluated with sample questions during the course.

Who Should Participate?

Those who want to receive a comprehensive project management training compatible with the new agile applications of PMI ® ,

Project stakeholders from all sectors (project sponsors, senior management representatives, project team members, project managers, project leaders),

Anyone who wants to get in-depth knowledge about Project Management,

People who will apply the profession / expertise of project management in a professional sense,

This course is suitable for people who want to take the exam and want to get their education from an institution that is an Authorized Training Partner (ATP).


In this training, participants will learn project management processes, adaptation areas, basic concepts and main techniques in accordance with internationally recognized good examples.

Team building

Improving team performance

Management of the team

Stakeholder management

Business management

Project start

Project planning

Project execution

Project monitoring and control

Project closure


The first 25 hours



Introduction of Istanbul Corporate Development

Certificate Program Introduction

Why the Certificate Program?

What Will We Learn?


Organizational Structures of Projects

Project-Based Organization

Functional Organization

Matrix Organizations

Mixed Organization


Project Management Office

What is the Role of the Project Office?

What are the Types of the Project Office?





Project Manager

PMI ® Competency Triangle

Description of the Project Manager

Policies, Power and Ability to Do Things

Types of Leadership

Personality Types


Life Cycles

Project Life Cycle

Product Life Cycle

Plan-Oriented Life Cycle

Adaptive Life Cycle


Project Selection Techniques

Business Rationale

Benefit Management Plan

Strategy Management

Qualitative Analysis and Quantitative Analysis


Plan-Oriented Approach

Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management

Project Timeline Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Resource Management

Project Communication Management

Project Risk Management

Project Supply Management

Project Stakeholder Management


Adaptive Approach (Scrum-Intensive)

10 Days (60 Hours) / 10:00-17:00

2 Digital participation certificates belonging to Istanbul Corporate Development will be given to those who fully participate in this training with PMI ® accreditation. The first certificate will be in the name of "Agile Weighted Project Management Certificate Program" and the second certificate will be in the name of "PMP Certificate Preparation Program".

Agile Ağırlıklı Proje Yönetimi Sertifika Programı -60 Saat: Hizmetler
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