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Agile Leadership Training

CCRS Code: AG01010214


Agile Transformation leaders prepared for this tutorial, uncertainty is high and where it is required to adapt quickly to unpredictable situations in a business environment, a culture of agility, agile leadership, business agility concepts such as how to interpret and how to be implemented will be discussed. The relationship between the basic philosophy and values behind different agile approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, agility culture and leadership will be theoretically and practically conveyed to the participants. In addition, different scaling models that can be used to spread agility throughout the organization will be mentioned.


The world of VUCA and its effects

The importance of quickly adapting to changing conditions

Leadership in complex environments with high uncertainty

Uncertainty, the relationship between planning and innovation

Why is experimentalism important?


Components of enterprise agility

The cultural dimensions necessary for agility

The competencies of an agile leader

System approach

Becoming a pioneer of change

Determining the vision

Emotional intelligence

Active listening

Conflict management and reconciliation

High performance tooling

Lean Thinking and Lean Leadership

Value, Value Flow, Flow, Pull, Perfection

Kanban principles and leadership

The Agile Manifesto and Agile principles

Scrum Framework and leadership

Scaling agility in organizations

The entrepreneurial function model

The Nexus model

The Scrum at Scale model

The Spotify agility model

2 Days (14 Hours) / 09:30-17:30

Digital participation certificates belonging to Istanbul Corporate Development will be given to those who have full participation in this training with PMI ® accreditation.

14 Saat (2 gün)

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