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Our Consulting Services

İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim provides consultancy services in the field of “Project Management” to leading companies in Turkey. Our consulting services are based on the placement of the PMI ® methodology in accordance with the company's culture and the support of project management processes.


We continue our consulting activities with our expert consultant staff. Our consultant staff consists of experienced, PMP ® certified, expert “project managers” in various sectors. We are here to support the management of your projects, to strengthen the areas where you are weak, to place and develop the internationally valid PMI ® methodology in your company dec

Our Consulting Areas

Developing a Project Management Methodology

Project Management Maturity Level Assessment

Consultancy on Setting Up a Project Office and Developing a Methodology

Project Manager Consultancy (Coaching)

Project Requirements Analysis

Project Time Planning

Project Budget Planning

Project Risk Management

Project Procurement Planning

Project Control Consultancy

Project Manager Selection Consultancy

Project Manager Evaluation Consultancy

Project Team Evaluation Consultancy

Project Presentation Consultancy

Business Plan Preparation Consultancy

Microsoft Project Server Consulting

Microsoft Project Usage Consultancy

Project Performance Measurement Consultancy

Project Selection and Prioritization Consultancy

Project Documentation Consultancy

Project Management Software Selection and Implementation Consultancy

Agile Consulting

Scrum Consulting

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