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Project Management Training Specific to the Construction Sector

14 Hours (2 days)

İnşaat Sektörüne Özel Proje Yönetimi Eğitimi: Hizmetler

It is aimed at the development of project managers and candidates for managers in the construction sector. At the end of the training, the participants will be informed about all stages of construction projects (time, cost, quality, human resource, customer satisfaction, risk, communication, stakeholder, scope, etc.) they will have learned the methods of planning and controlling the techniques necessary for management.

In this training program, which is prepared based on the problems and solutions encountered in construction site applications, it is aimed to teach the basic processes and applications of project management for construction projects. The training will be based on the PMI ® (Project Management Institute ® ) standards.

Learning Objectives
In this 14-hour training, participants will learn the following topics in order to successfully manage their projects:

Project Management Terminology

Project Management Methodology

Project Management Knowledge Areas

Project Management Process Groups

Project Manager and Code of Ethics

Risk Management

Quality Management

Communication Management

Scope Management

Construction Site Organization

Subcontractor (Subcontractor) Management

Cost Management

Planning of Construction Projects (Time Management)

Proposal Management

Contract Management

Purchasing Management (Supplier Management)

Who Should Participate?

This course is suitable for project stakeholders from the construction sector and people who will apply the profession/expertise of project management in a professional sense.


Application of Project Management Methodology in construction site management, solution suggestions for the difficulties encountered

Adaptation of Project Management principles and techniques to the projects carried out by the participants

To be able to define the right strategy according to the determined vision and transfer it to the action plan

"Creation of a Project Scope Statement

"Creation of Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Principles of effective use of Project Management tools

Integration of "problem solving" into Project Management processes instead of political or unrealistic instant solutions

Methods for identifying, evaluating and taking measures of the project's risks

Ability to identify the reasons for the delay of projects


Introduction of Istanbul Corporate Development

What Will We Learn?


Introduction to Project Management

What is the Project?

What is Project Management?

Why Project Management?

Project Management Success Criteria

Project Management Terminology


Project Management Information Areas

Project Integration Management

Project Scope Management

Project Time Management

Project Cost Management

Project Quality Management

Project Human Resources Management

Project Communication Management

Project Risk Management

Project Supply Management

Project Stakeholder Management


Project Stakeholders



Resource Manager

Project Management Team

The Project Team


Project Manager and Code of Ethics

PMI ® Competency Triangle

Tasks and Priorities of the Project Manager

Ethical Rules


Project Initiation Processes

How Do Projects Arise?

Project Selection Methods

Developing a Project Initiation Document

Stakeholder Identification

Construction Site Organization - How to Create a Construction Site Organization That Will Not Give You a Headache?

The Main Elements That Must Be Present in a Proper Organization

The Effect of Motivation on the organization

Organizational Chart - Task Recipes

Coordination Between Employees, Work and Functions Dec

Time Management at the Construction Site

Site Meetings

Documentation Management

Target Management

How is the Construction Site Culture Formed?

What Should be the Management Style of the Project Manager?


Subcontractor (Subcontractor Management) - How Can You Increase Productivity With the Right Management of a Subcontractor (Subcontractor)?

At What Points Are There Problems in Subcontractor Management - Solutions for These Problems

First of All, Considerations in Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor Relationship Management

Subcontractor Resource Management (People, Materials, Equipment)

Management of Subcontractor Price Increase Requests

Management of Subcontractor Errors

Management of Contractual Obligations

Rights and Payments

Subcontractor Persuasion Methods


Cost Control in Construction Projects - What Can Be Done Without Cost Control Getting Out of Hand?

Points and Measures that Will Increase the Cost

Subcontractor Procurement Program

Request and Evaluation of Proposals from Subcontractors

Specifications - Price Analysis - Technical Specification

Supply and Purchase of Materials Jul


Inefficient Operation and Cost Control

Timeline and Cost Management

Reporting and Cost Control

Actual + Balance Projection Reporting that Predicts the End of the Job

Price and Quantity Deviations


Planning for Construction Projects - How to Increase Productivity with Proper Planning for Construction Projects?

What Ruins Planning in a Construction Project - Solution Suggestions

Using Planning as a Management Tool

Planning and Contract Management

Planning and Design Management

Resource Management and Resource Optimization

Analysis of Possible Scenarios

Internalization of the Timeline by All Employees

Analysis of Deviations

Analysis of the Material Used

Activity Business Analysis Selection and Creation of a Business Segmentation Structure

Determination of Activity Times

Decoupling Between Activities

Updating the Timeline and Revisions


Considerations to be Taken into Account when Bidding and Tendering Work in Construction Works

Subcontractor Procurement Program

Preparation for Requesting an Offer

What Does the Tender File Contain?

Request and Evaluate an Offer

Administrative Contract - Subcontractor Contract

Timeline - Subcontractor Agreement

Supply of Materials Jul

Issues to Consider Before Bidding

Specifications - Price Analysis - Technical Specification



How Do You Increase Your Profitability With the Right Contract Management and Timely Claims?

SWOT Analysis of the Contract

What to Do Before Starting a Construction Project

Unexpected Risks and Precautions to be Taken in Construction Projects

For What Reasons Do Disputes and Contradictions Arise in Projects?

Risks Arising from the Content of the Contract

Risks Encountered in Construction Projects

Filing of Claims and Claims (Claims)

Conflict Management

International Arbitration

Laws Related to Builders Regulations Specifications

What Needs to be Done for Construction Site Employees to be Prepared for Contract Management Issues

Problems with Ground Deliveries and Infrastructure Displacement

Delays in Advance Payment

Delays in Project Delivery

Administrative Problems - Delays in Approvals

Technical Problems Related to the Construction of the Work

Other Issues Related to Contract Management


How Can You Reduce Your Purchase Costs? – How to Control Material Damage?

What is Purchasing and Purchasing Management?

Considerations to Be Considered in the Purchase Offer Studies

Ordering the Material

Recommendations for Young Purchasing Employees

Supplier Classification Systems

Examination of the Purchase Process

Logistics and Logistics Management

The Difficulties Faced by Companies in Logistics Operations

Selection of Suppliers and Evaluation Criteria

How to Control Material Damage?

2 Days (14 Hours) / 09:30-17:30

PMI® akreditasyonuna sahip bu eğitime tam katılım gösterenlere, İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim’e ait katılım sertifikaları verilecektir.

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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