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Organization Resolution Process of Istanbul Kurumsal Gelisim Danismanlik Egitim ve Reklam Hizmetleri Ticaret Limited Sirketi

Step 1: The complaint can come through any kind of communication channel; for example email, telephone call, in person interview, text message, hard copy document, etc. The company staff member receiving the complaint (will be denoted as “T” from now on) has the obligation to open a ticket.

Step 2: T assigns the issue to the most related staff member (will be denoted as “R” from now on) after discussing the case with the relevant people.

Step 3: T informs by email and by phone call the person having the complaint. (will be denoted as “C” from now on)

Step 4: R informs C and T about the time interval during which the complaint will be resolved as well as the probable actions to be taken. This information is recorded with the ticket.

Step 5: R takes actions with the relevant people to resolve the complaint within the time interval promised and with the highest possible quality.

Step 6: When the complaint is resolved completely, R informs C and T about it, and requests a feedback from C.

Step 7: If C is dissatisfied, one goes back to Step 4.

Step 8: If C is satisfied, T closes the ticket.

Step 9: A survey is sent to C, although at this point in time one has guaranteed that C is satisfied now.

Step 10: Another survey is sent to R related to this process.

Step 11: A meeting is held in which the participants are T, R, the staff member who is responsible for the company quality processes (will be denoted as “Q” from now on) and other relevant people. T is responsible to write the meeting minutes.

Step 12: T adds this case to the lessons learned database of the company. The record of this case in the lessons learned database includes the relevant meeting minutes as well as the surveys filled out by C and R. T informs Q by email that lessons learned record has been generated for this case.

The process finishes at this point. 

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