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PMP® Certification Preparation Program-35 Hours

This training program is a 35 hour, live streaming - virtual course. The aim of the course is to prepare the participants for the examination. By attending this training program, the participants fulfill one of the prerequisites for taking the exam, which is attending a 35 hour project management course.


Learning Objectives


By attending this 35 hour, live streaming - virtual course, the participants will learn the following topics in order to evaluate their level of knowledge related to the examination:


  • Creating a High-Performing Team

  • Starting the Project

  • Doing the Work

  • Keeping the Team on Track

  • Keeping the Business in Mind


Learning Outcomes


What the participants have learned will be assessed using the sample questions during the course.


A) Creating a High-Performing Team – 8 Hours


  • Build a Team

  • Define Team Ground Rules

  • Negotiate Project Agreements

  • Empower Team Members and Stakeholders

  • Train Team Members and Stakeholders

  • Engage and Support Virtual Teams

  • Build a Shared Understanding about a Project


B) Starting the Project – 10 Hours


  • Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices

  • Plan and Manage Scope

  • Plan and Manage Budget and Resources

  • Plan and Manage Schedule

  • Plan and Manage Quality of Products/Deliverables

  • Integrate Project Planning Activities

  • Plan and Manage Procurement

  • Establish Project Governance Structure

  • Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure


C) Doing the Work – 7 Hours


  • Assess and Manage Risks

  • Execute Project to Deliver Business Value

  • Manage Communications

  • Engage Stakeholders

  • Create Project Artifacts

  • Manage Project Changes

  • Manage Project Issues

  • Ensure Knowledge Transfer to Project Continuity


D) Keeping the Team on Track – 6 Hours 30 Minutes


  • Lead a Team

  • Support Team Performance

  • Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers

  • Manage Conflict

  • Collaborate with Stakeholders

  • Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance


E) Keeping the Business in Mind – 3 Hours 30 Minutes


  1. Manage Compliance Requirements

  2. Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

  3. Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes

  4. Support Organizational Change

  5. Employ Continuous Process Improvement

35 hours

Any person who attended the whole course will receive an attendance certificate from İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim, which is approved by PMI®.

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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