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Program Management

14 Hours (2 days)

Program Yönetimi: Hizmetler

A project is a time-limited effort to create a unique product, service or result; managed with progressive elaboration. The program is a collection of related projects managed in a coordinated manner; additional benefit will be gained that cannot be achieved when projects are managed individually.


To a large extent, the fate of a company is determined by how efficiently programs and projects are managed. In addition, a common situation in companies is problems caused by conflicts between different types of workloads of employees. One of the purposes of program management is to prevent such problems.

Learning Objectives
In this 14-hour classroom training, the participants will learn the following topics. It is aimed to increase the success of the programs they manage in achieving their goals.


  • Program management framework

  • Program components

  • Program performance areas

  • Program lifecycle

Learning Outcomes
The knowledge learned by the participants will be evaluated through performance-oriented activities as follows:


Using case studies, participants will assess the competencies they have acquired on the following topics: Business case, kick-off document, stakeholder list, stakeholder analysis, stakeholder engagement plan, roadmap, benefits list, benefits management plan, environmental considerations, and risk management strategy.

Who Should Attend?

This course has been prepared for people working in the senior management staff of companies. However, the flow of the course is such that it will also benefit people who are not managers in companies. There are no prerequisites required to attend the course.


  • Gaining the competency of applying program management techniques to the programs that the participants are running

  • Better understanding of companies' strategic goals

  • Better understanding of companies' organizational charts

  • Better understanding of roles related to program management in companies


First Day – 7 Hours


  1. Terminology

  2. Organizational strategy

  3. Organizational project management

  4. Organizational structures

  5. Project management office

  6. Program components

  7. Program performance areas

  8. Program governance

  9. Program life cycle

  10. Program definition phase

  11. Program delivery phase

  12. Program closure phase

  13. Program strategy alignment

  14. Program stakeholder engagement

  15. Program benefits management


Second Day – 7 Hours


  1. Business case

  2. Charter

  3. Stakeholder register

  4. Stakeholder analysis

  5. Stakeholder engagement plan

  6. Roadmap

  7. Benefits register

  8. Benefits management plan

  9. Environmental assessments

  10. Risk management strategy

  11. Stakeholder communications

  12. Stakeholder engagement sustainment

  13. Benefits delivery

  14. Benefits transition

  15. Benefits sustainment

2 days (14 hours) / 09:30-17:30 

If a participant attends the whole course, she/he will receive an attendance certificate of Istanbul Kurumsal Gelişim with PMI® accreditation. 

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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