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Project Management Certificate Program - 24 Hours

24 Hours (4 days)

Proje Yönetimi Sertifika Programı - 24 Saat: Hizmetler

Project Management Certificate Program consists of 24 hours of Project Management Fundamentals is prepared for project managers and manager candidates. With this training, the participants; They master the basic and advanced techniques of project management methodology by participating interactively with application examples and case studies.


Learning Objectives


In this 24-hour training, participants will learn the following topics in order to successfully manage their projects:


  • Project Management Framework

  • Project Management Process Groups

  • Project Management Principles

  • Project Management Performance Domains

Learning Outcomes


What the participants have learned will be assessed as follows:


  • Performance-Based Activities: The participants will be assessed on their ability to make complicated critical path method calculations and perform detailed earned value analysis on assigned case studies.



  • About İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim

  • Introduction of Certification Program

  • Why a Certification Program on Project Management?

  • What will we learn?


Fundamentals of Project Management

  • What is a Project?

  • What is Project Management?

  • Why Project Management?

  • Success Criterias of a Project

  • Project Management Process Groups


Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • Project Integration Management

  • Project Scope Management

  • Project Schedule Management

  • Project Cost Management

  • Project Quality Management

  • Project Resource Management

  • Project Communications Management

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Procurement Management

  • Project Stakeholder Management


Project and Development Life Cycles

  • Planned Driven (Waterfall) Life Cycles

  • Iterative Life Cycles

  • Incremental Life Cycles

  • Agile Life Cycles


Organizational Structure

  • Projectized Organization

  • Functional Organization

  • Matrix Organizations

  • Complex Organizations


Project Management Office

  • Role of a Project Office

  • Types of Project Offices


Project Stakeholders

  • Customer

  • Sponsor

  • Resource Manager

  • Project Management Team

  • Project Team


Project Manager

  • PMI® Talent Triangle

  • Definition of a Project Manager

  • Politics, Power and Get Things Done

  • Types of Leadership

  • Types of Personality


Initiating Process Group 

  • The Need for a Project

  • Project Selection Techniques

  • Develop Project Charter

  • Identify Stakeholders


Planning Process Group

  • General Planning Approaches

  • Plan Scope Management

  • Collect Requirements

  • Requirement Prioritization

  • Define Scope

  • Create Work Breakdown Structure

  • Plan Schedule Management 

  • Define Activities

  • Sequence Activities

  • Estimate Activity Durations

  • Duration Estimating Techniques

  • Develop Schedule

  • Critical Path Method

  • Resource Optimization Techniques

  • Plan Cost Management

  • Estimate Costs

  • Cost Estimating Techniques

  • Determine Budget

  • Plan Quality Management

  • Plan Resource Management

  • Estimate Activity Resources

  • Plan Communications Management

  • Plan Risk Management

  • Define Risks

  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Plan Risk Responses

  • Plan Procurement Management

  • Contract Types

  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement

  • Develop Project Management Plan


Executing Process Groups

  • Manage Quality

  • Acquire Resources

  • Develop Team

  • Manage Team

  • Manage Communications

  • Implement Risk Responses

  • Conduct Procurement

  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement

  • Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Manage Project Knowledge


Monitor and Control Process Groups

  • Monitor and Control Project Work

  • Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Validate Scope

  • Control Scope

  • Control Schedule

  • Control Cost

  • Earned Value Analysis

  • Reporting Performance

  • Control Quality

  • Control Resources

  • Monitor Communications

  • Monitor Risks

  • Control Procurements

  • Monitor Stakeholder Engagement 


Closing Process Groups
  • Close Project or Phase

  • Retrospective

24 Hours / Saturday - Sunday 10:00 - 17: 00

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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