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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a REP (Registered Education Provider)? Is it valid now?

it is a kind of authorization that is being granted to institutions by PMI ® until 2021. With the new generation authorization concept, it has been completely invalidated by PMI ® again. Instead, a more comprehensive Authorized Training partner process has been started and ATP titles have been awarded to the companies that have won this right.


What is an ATP (Authorized Training Partner) institution?

Authorized Training Partner (ATP) is a certificate issued by PMI ® to institutions providing Project Management training. The fact that an institution has won the ATP title indicates that it meets the quality requirements december are periodically audited by PMI ® .  Our ATP instructors, who provide training in Preparation for the PMP ® Exam, have completed the “Authorized Training Partner Train the Trainer- PMP ® Exam Prep” process of the PMI ® , successfully passed the relevant exam and received an instructor badge. The competencies to prepare for the PMP ® exam have been approved by the PMI ® .



Is it necessary to get an education from an ATP institution?

No, it's not. PMI ® does not offer this condition to exam participants. But getting an ATP education from an institution is quite advantageous for a participant who wants to prepare for the PMP ® exam. Most importantly, candidates who have received training from ATP institutions are exempt from educational supervision when applying for certification. Another advantage is that ATP companies can access all the documents and questions of PMI ® , so that the educational content they have prepared is up to date. At the same time, you can also get training from institutions within this organization on the PMI ® website; for its part, it allows opening an area where it can provide admission for a year, in which it can access licensed educational documents and exam questions.



Why is it important to get PMP ® exam preparation training from an ATP institution?

ATP institutions guarantee a PMI ® approved, quality PMP ® education.

The educational content provided by PMI ® authorized training partners who have earned the ATP title for the PMP ® Certification exam has been developed by PMI ® .

People who study at an ATP institution can access the following materials related to the PMP ® course prepared by PMI ® directly from the relevant web page using the password that will be given to them for 1 year: sample questions, exam workbook, sample project documents, tutorial videos, etc.

Participants who have received their education from an ATP institution for the PMP ® exam are exempt from educational supervision when applying for certification.

Competent Training Partner instructors are up-to-date on learning methods and are constantly improving their skills, as well as developing a training plan that is compatible with PMI ® .



What is the PMBOK guide? Which is the most recently published PMBOK?

The PMBOK guide is a guide that sheds light on project managers in projects. It is not specific to any industry. On the contrary, it is a resource that every project manager can turn to for guidance in all kinds of industry fields.

The current version of this guide, which has been updated periodically, is PMBOK 6, published in December 2017. In this direction, PMBOK 6 is the last published resource that PMP exam candidates are also responsible for. This resource is also published in Turkish.



How are our trainings conducted?

All of our trainings are held online and live. Our instructors aim to share all their knowledge, experience and experience related to project management with the participants in a mutual evaluation and discussion environment and to conduct an interactive training.



On what days and hours are the trainings held?

All of our trainings are held between 09.30 – 17.30. dec.

Sunday Saturday Saturday Sunday 2-day training sessions are held on Friday Saturday – Sunday 3–day training sessions are held on Friday - Saturday - Sunday.


How many people do the trainings take place with?

Trainings provided within the Istanbul Corporate Development are conducted in an interactive way. In order to increase the efficiency of the training, participation was limited to 15 people.


Are certificates issued at the end of the trainings?

At the end of all our trainings, a “Certificate of Participation” issued by Istanbul Corporate Development is given. In order to qualify for this certificate, full participation in our trainings is mandatory.



What should I do to attend trainings?

You can contact us to create your pre-registration for our trainings.



What is the difference between your industry-specific “Project Management” trainings?

The content of education in HRM can be differentiated on a sectoral basis and revised for the institution that will receive the education. Our experienced instructors provide our sector-specific trainings in this sector, and the examples given are again related to the sector. Particular attention is paid to the points that should be paid to the projects of the relevant sector when describing the methodology and making applications, and discussions focus on these points.



What is PMP ® certification? What are the exam and application conditions?

PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate is a project management certificate issued by PMI ® (Project Management Institute), known all over the world and recognized as a competence. having 4,500 hours of project management experience and at least 35 hours of project management training in the last 5 years are two important conditions that are offered to the front for the candidate to apply for the exam.



What trainings do you recommend me to take before taking the PMP ® Exam?

For detailed information about our trainings, and you can get to their address by mail.



Where can I find questions that have already appeared on the exam before?

PMI does not publish exam questions. However, participants who receive their education from an ATP (Authorized Training Partner) institution have the right to access sample questions and documents licensed by PMI ® on PMI ® ’s own website, in a specially opened field, again for 1 year. This advantage increases the chances of success for candidates preparing for the exam.



What is the language of instruction of the PMP ® exam preparation program?

The language of instruction in open courses is Turkish. Turkish English may be the language of instruction according to the request of the institution in our special trainings for the institution. However, due to the restriction imposed by PMI ® on Authorized Educational Partner (ATP) institutions in order to prevent loss of meaning in the content, the documents will be in their original language, i.e. English.



Is the PMP ® exam conducted only in English?

No. PMI ® provides Turkish language support for this certification exam. Even if you take the exam in Turkish, this certificate will have international validity.



Is there a chance to try again if you fail the PMP ® exam?

You have the right to take the PMP ® certification exam 3 times in the same year.



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