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Microsoft Project Server for Project Team Members

2 days

CCRS Code: MS05010004

Good communications infrastructure leads to project’s success. An important point is that the actual values are recorded during the executions stage of the project so that corrective or preventive actions can be engineered by the project manager. This also puts a responsibility to the team members.



  • System Definition

  • IS Project a system?

  • What is a Project ? What is not a Project ?

  • Keeping the Balance in Project Management

  • Features of Project

  • Advantages and difficulties of Planning


Introduction to Microsoft Project

  • Data Entry and Data Tracing Methods

  • Screen – Tables – Filtering Properties

  • Defining calendars

  • Introduction to Project Customize Alternatives


Starting a Project and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Method   

  • Entering the activities to MS Project in Reference Project

  • Creating and Interpreting WBS

  • Case Study


Activity Interdependencies  

  • Defining activity dependencies

  • What is Lag and Lead Time ? How is it used ?

  • Work on Case Study

  • Defining activity dependencies in Reference Project and General Look at the Project


Forecasting Time and Cost  

  • Game on Forecasting

  • Examining Forecasting Techniques

  • Discussing Advantages and Disadvantages of Techniques

  • Assigning Resources and Forecasts to Jobs

  • Entering Resources to MS Project

  • Assigning Resources and Forecasts to Jobs in Reference Projects


Critical Path Method (CPM) and PERT Methods  

  • Defining Critical Path and its Importance in Project

  • Analyzing Critical Path in reference Project

  • Importance of Total slack and free slack terms

  • Interpreting time, cost and effort information according to Critical Path

  • PERT Method and Statistical approach to Project Management

  • PERT in reference Project


Project Server for Project Team Members

  • Investigating the Project Server Pages

  • Investigating the Tasks given

  • Creating New Activities – Delegation

  • Requesting Vacation or Extra Work Hours

  • Creation of a To-Do List and Delegation to Other Team Members

  • Generation of the Status Reports


Project Control

  • Base lining

  • Entering Actual Data to MS Project

  • Analysing Difference between actual and planned

  • Standard Report Formats in MS Project

  • Creating Reports in MS Project for different needs

Who Should Attend

  • The people that has a role of project team member and need to update their project tasks through web interfaces.

  • Attendees should have a command of basic web applications.


  • Accessing Project Server web interface

  • Updating tasks

  • Adding a new task

  • Re-assignning a task

  • Undertaking the team tasks.

  • Sharing a document, risk or a problem on the project site.

Half a Day / Hours: 09:30-13:30

Any person who attended the whole course will receive an attendance certificate from İstanbul Kurumsal Gelişim, which is approved by PMI®.

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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