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Scrum Fundamentals

CCRS Code: AG02010014


Scrum is one of the most effective frameworks amongst Agile software development methodologies.  Besides defining the structure of a project management framework, Scrum introduces new roles and a different understanding of management. The value of implementing Scrum will be maximum when this change process is managed successfully.


In this 2-days explanatory and discussion oriented training, the target is sharing the core values of Scrum and identifying how the transformation of organizational change can be managed around these values. The importance of change management and how to handle the change will be discussed.

  • Development team members: Developers, business analysts, testers

  • Business team members

  • Project managers

  • Software Architects

  • Team Leaders

  • Software Development Managers

  • Business Managers


  • Agile principles and core values

  • Fundamentals and structure of Scrum framework

  • Roles in Scrum framework

  • Meetings & Planning in Scrum framework

  • How to apply Scrum framework


  • Introduction

  • Traditional Software Development Lifecycles and Pitfalls

  • Agile, Agile Manifesto and Agile Methodologies

  • Expectations, Barriers, Applicability

  • Scrum Introduction

  • Scrum Framework and the Theory Behind

- Scrum Roles

- Scrum Master

- Product Owner

- Development Team

- Scrum Communication Model

  • Planning in Scrum

  • Exercise

  • Product Backlog Preparation

  • Exercise

  • Scrum Rituals

- Sprint Planning & Sprint Backlog

- Exercise

- Daily Scrum

- Sprint Review

- Sprint Retrospective

  • Scrum Outputs

- Product Backlog

- Sprint Backlog

- Burndown Chart

  • Scrum Metrics & Terminology

- Velocity

- Drag Factor

- Work in Progress

- Technical Debt

- Impediment

  • Story types

  • Expected Results of Scrum

  • Game

  • Expectations, Barriers, Applicability - Review

2 Days (14 Hours) / 09:30-17:30

14 Hours (2 days)

You can contact us for detailed information about our trainings.

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