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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Threat or Opportunity?

Technology observers, educators, marketers, and journalists have made many evaluations regarding OpenAI's Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) technology, which was released in November 2022. ChatGPT is a technology that can generate text responses based on what it finds on the internet by interacting with users. This technology can have a positive impact on knowledge-based professions such as project management by eliminating research tasks and saving time and costs. However, it may also have negative consequences such as reducing entry-level career opportunities, reconsidering templates and ready-made reports, and requiring undertaking new tasks. Project managers and organizations can develop strategies on how to use this technology by considering the positive and negative outcomes of ChatGPT technology.

Therefore, with the emergence of new technologies such as ChatGPT technology, project managers should follow and develop themselves on these technologies to effectively participate in projects. However, instead of the concern that technologies such as ChatGPT may replace humans, it should be considered that these technologies can make people's jobs easier. Therefore, it is important to follow technological developments and work to improve your work by using these developments.

The emergence of technologies such as ChatGPT poses a potential threat to many knowledge-based professions. However, the emergence of these technologies also offers an opportunity for people to develop themselves. Businesses can use these technologies to encourage the development of their employees. Businesses can teach their employees how to be more efficient by using technologies like ChatGPT. By using these technologies, employees can get rid of repetitive tasks and focus on more creative work. As a result, employees can become valuable both personally and for the business.

However, the emergence of technologies such as ChatGPT also increases people's responsibility to develop themselves. People should take the time to learn what these technologies can do and how they can be used. Understanding how these technologies work can help people use them more effectively. In addition, people should understand why these technologies have emerged. These technologies are designed to help people focus on more creative work. By using these technologies correctly, people can become more creative, efficient, and valuable.

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