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Project Management Trainings


Methodologies and Applications in Project Management

14 Hours (2 days)

The course targets teaching the techniques in all areas of project management and improving the skills of the project managers. At the end of the course, the participants are going to know the necessary planning and controlling techniques related to schedule, cost, quality, human resources, customer satisfaction, risk, etc. for all stages of the project.                     

With the help of applications and discussions held in the course, the participants will be able to analyze project management concepts relating to their organizations. The course outline is aligned with the PMI® (Project Management Institute®) standards.

PYSP Agile ağırlıklı

Project Management Certificate Program

24 Hours (4 days)

Project Management Certificate Program consists of 24 hours of Project Management Fundamentals is prepared for project managers and manager candidates. With this training, the participants; They master the basic and advanced techniques of project management methodology by participating interactively with application examples and case studies.

İnşaat projesi

Project Management Training Specific to the Construction Sector

14 Saat (2 gün)

İnşaat sektöründeki proje yöneticilerinin ve yönetici adaylarının geliştirilmesini amaçlamaktadır. Katılımcılar eğitimin sonunda inşaat projelerinin tüm aşamalarında (zaman, maliyet, kalite, insan kaynağı, müşteri memnuniyeti, risk, iletişim, paydaş, kapsam vb.) yönetim için gerekli tekniklerin planlanma ve kontrol etme yöntemlerini öğrenmiş olacaklardır.

Program Yönetimi

Program Management

14 Saat (2 gün)

A project is a time bounded work to generate a specific product, service or result. It is managed by progressive elaboration. A program is a collection of related projects managed in a coordinated manner. Additional benefits would not be achieved if the projects were managed individually.


To a significant extend, the fate of a company is determined by how efficiently programs and projects are managed. In addition, a common problem seen in the companies is the conflicts of different types of workloads of the employees. One of the objectives of the program management is to prevent such problems.

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